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  • Pullman Dubai Deira City Centre Pullman Dubai Deira City Centre
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  • Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel - France Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel - France
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  • Pullman Bangkok Hotel G - Thailand Pullman Bangkok Hotel G - Thailand
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  • Pullman Hanoi - Vietnam Pullman Hanoi - Vietnam
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  • Pullman London St Pancras - London - UK Pullman London St Pancras - London - UK
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  • Pullman Bangkok Hotel G - Thailand Pullman Bangkok Hotel G - Thailand
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  • Pullman Marseille Palm Beach - France Pullman Marseille Palm Beach - France
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  • Pullman Bangkok King Power - Thailand Pullman Bangkok King Power - Thailand
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  • Pullman Wuxi New Lake - Chine Pullman Wuxi New Lake - Chine
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  • Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach - Thailand Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach - Thailand
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Pullman Hotels & Resorts are rich in contemporary edge, and strike the perfect balance for a new generation of hyper-connected and sophisticated travelers. Whether connecting performance and enjoyment, efficiency and well-being, business and leisure – it’s always patently Pullman.

This modern brand signature is founded upon an avant-garde history. As early as the 19th century, Pullman rail travel pioneered a new way of traveling across the United States, introducing luxury sleeping cars where customers could rest and eat in a plush, welcoming, spacious and comfortable environment.

Today Pullman appeals to the new generation of professional travelers, the Pullman global nomads, and captures the significance of each moment and their pursuit of a work-life blend.

Pullman hotels are in the city centers of the world’s most sought-after destinations, offering endless possibilities for new experiences, new acquaintances and new ideas. As the international upscale brand of Accor Hotels, the world’s leading hotel operator, Pullman has 100 four- and five-star hotels across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.

Key figures

  • 117 hotels
  • 34,189 rooms
  • 33 countries

at 6/30/2016

Pullman: « Our world is your playground »



The Pullman global nomad

The global nomad is Pullman’s representation of the new generation of travellers and business leaders. Hyper-connected and sophisticated explorers, every day they invent new ways of doing business. The world is their playground and every moment is an opportunity. Their life is a mix of business and pleasure, a balance of efficiency, accomplishment and personal well-being.

For global nomads, Pullman hotels are the base of operations for inspiration and contact. The hotels’ services and technology help erase the boundaries between leisure and work, providing high-intensity experiences.

At Pullman, everything has been designed to offer these global nomads unique addresses where ideas, histories and cultures blend.


Contemporary edge around the world

Pullman continues its rapid global development by increasing its network from 100 hotels today to 200 by 2025. Pullman recently opened a series of several strategic hotels in Asia, and its first property in the USA in late 2015.

Pullman’s global network reached 100+ hotels in 2015, with the opening of Pullman Delhi Aerocity. In Asia-Pacific alone, the network includes 57 hotels, and across Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) it operates 40 hotels. It expands geographically while reinforcing its European positioning, by opening establishments in strong growth regions, notably Russia and Latin America, and by continuing to expand in Asia-Pacific. 


Pullman proposes enticing cuisine that draws on the best of international classics and national or regional culinary specialties. Guests can also discover a selection of fine wines from the Vinoteca by Pullman. The Open Kitchen concept features an open kitchen, letting guests discover the talent and savoir-faire of Pullman chefs.

Co-Meeting, the new way to meet


The brand’s Co-Meeting concept specifically dedicated to organizing business meetings and events provides a customized service with expert teams and dedicated one-stop contacts – the IT Solutions Manager and the Event Manager.
The Co-Meeting concept includes innovative services like relaxing and entertaining breaks, or presentations by leading experts in a variety of fields.


Pullman network

The Pullman network comprises more than 90 hotels, located in Africa, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East in major cities and prime tourist destinations. Our objective is to have 150 hotels worldwide by 2015-2020.

Main destinations

Abidjan, Bali, Bangkok, Beijing, Berlin, Barcelona, Brussels, Dakar, Dubai, Gurgaon New Delhi, Hanoi, Jeddah, Kuala Lumpur, London, Marrakech, Paris, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney, Timi Ama…

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