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A deeply committed Group

Imbalances in the natural environment, rampant urbanization, social upheavals…the world is in flux and AccorHotels is paying attention. A pioneer in promoting and practicing sustainable development for more than 20 years, our Group reaffirmed its responsible commitment in 2012 with the Planet 21 program.

PLANET 21 structures our sustainable development policy: 7 pillars, 21 goals, in particular local sourcing, good water, energy and waste management, nutrition, diversity, and sustainable constructions.

Charter 21: a valuable road map

To improve their sustainable development performance, hotels from the AccorHotels group follow Charter 21. Based on a rating system of levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum – Charter 21 is a real management tool, giving hotels a framework for their sustainable development initiatives so they can continuously progress over time. 

  • Key figures 2015
  • - No. 1 in Europe to possess TripAdvisor's Green Leaders label
    - 88% of hotels from the AccorHotels group meet the standards of the PLANET 21 program
    - Over 1,000 hotels with ISO 14001 certification

A program that benefits your hotel and your guests

- Reduce your hotel's energy bill (- 1.5% for Accor hotels) while world energy costs rise (from 3.5% to more than 10% depending on the region).

- Reduce your water bill (97% of hotels from the AccorHotels group have flow regulators).

- Optimize your property value thanks to better environmental performance (LEED-certified hotels have a higher occupancy rate and are rated higher than non-certified hotels).

- Boost your guests' satisfaction and loyalty by offering them tangible proof of your hotel's commitment.

- Build employees' loyalty and increase their motivation by being a responsible employer and providing better working conditions.

Management control tools

OPEN is "AccorHotels’ environmental management tool". It enables hotel general managers to post and monitor their performance in the areas of energy and water conservation and waste production. 

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