Applying Accor’s expertise as a hotel operator to design and manage accommodation premises

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  • Montempô: studio quite equipped for well occupied life Montempô: studio quite equipped for well occupied life
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  • Montempô Montempô
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  • Inseep Inseep
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  • Montempô
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Our objective is two-fold

Large companies, public institutions, regional authorities, hospitals, etc. own a substantial stock of property assets used to house their employees or other beneficiaries for stays ranging from one night to several weeks. 

Accueil Partenaires, a subsidiary of ACCOR, draws on the group’s 45 years of know-how to provide customized solutions for these clients.

Designing accommodation solutions

  • Defining the service offer and drawing up a set of standards
  • Drawing up the requirements and defining key ratios
  • Technical assistance services to verify product compliance
  • Financial set-up and business plan
  • Search for partners and creation of joint-ventures
  • Administrative and legal management of companies
  • Planning and developing schemes.
  • Lobbying of institutionals


  • Setting progress targets together with the client
  • Managing customer-mix and optimizing occupancy rates
  • Implementing or adapting operating organization procedures
  • Recruiting, training and managing employees
  • Defining qualitative and quantitative indicators
  • Managing sub-contractors and coordinating progress plans
  • Business reporting
  • Running operations committees with the owners

Telephone: + 33 (0) 1 71 19 79 47

A successful initiative that has led to several contracts:

Centre National des Sports de la Défense (National Sports Centre of the Defence)
Under the terms of the Public- Private Partnership (PPP) contract between the groups (GTM Bâtiment and Barclays Infrastructure Funds) and the Ministry of Defence, for the requalification
of the CNSD  (National Sports Centre of the Defence) and their facilities, the company Accueil Partenaires,  with its wealth of experience in hotel management and the pilotage of services at INSEP (National Institute of Sport Performance and Expertise), signed a contract for the provision of services with the project company QUARTIER SPORTS DEFENSE on 22 December 2011.
The CNSD site is located on 52 hectres and regroups, sporting facilities, training centres and accommodation, as well as medical and administrative services for top level athletes.
The missions of ACCUEIL PARTENAIRES since Septembre 2012 :

  • Management of all the catering service providers, the maintenance and the security and the interface with the representatives of the CNSD.
  • Coordination and the management of the site during the works phase (construction site, exploitation, users).
  • Management of room reservations and the right of access, optimising the occupation rate, reception of visiters, permanent or one-off trainees, and as soon as the works are finalised, the externel clients.
  • Management of meeting room reservations (by the end of 2014).
  • Maintenance of 231 rooms and 60 studios (scope at the end of the works).
  • Cleaning of all the offices, classrooms, medical facilities, amphitheatre and sporting facilities.
  • Up keep of the green spaces for a total of 52 hours.
  • Rufuse collection on the site.

By the end of 2014, after two years of works, the CNSD site will be completely renovated.


Development of a new range of Montempô hotel residences
(Law N°2006-872 of 13/07/2006 article 73)
Ever since 2008, Accueil Partenaires has collaborated with both 1% Logement, an employee accommodation and housing specialist with over 50 years experience in the sector, and Caisse des dépôts et Consignation, an expert in the financing of this type of establishment, to create a new temporary accommodation service.

Every year, 450,000 employees move to another region of France, with 338,000 from the private sector and 112,000 from the public sector. 50% were unemployed the year before their move (source: CREDOC-EUROCIL 2005 survey on job mobility in France).

The objective of this new partnership:
Facilitate the job mobility of private and public sector employees (fixed term contracts, temporary employment, first job, job transfer, and traineeships far from place of residence).

The product and service:
A fully equipped studio that is accessible whatever one’s income or age for stays ranging from a few days to several weeks.
Simple online booking at:
The success of the first to pilot projects in Evry and Goussainville reinforced the partners’ desire to expand the scheme rapidly to about twenty residential complexes in the major French cities.
Several projects are being considered in Lyon, Toulouse, Marseille, Lille, Strasbourg… and of course in the Paris area.  


With Thales Université, Accueil Partenaires draws on Accor’s experience of managing its own Academy, created almost 30 years ago, to offer a completely difference service.

Accueil Partenaires manages and operates the Thales corporate university so that its client can focus on the training and integrating new employees, with the assurance that its trainees are being offered a hotel service that meets international standards.

The Thales Université, located in Jouy-en-Josas, France, welcomes trainees from all over the world in a privileged environment for training courses, seminars or events.


    To upgrade its hotel services, the university’s management entrusted Accueil Partenaires with five assignments:
  • A logistics audit.
  • Management of bookings and customer invoicing.
  • Management of service providers and drawing up of requirements.
  • Implementation of performance indicators.
  • Reporting and communication with the university’s management.


Within the framework of a long term hospital lease or BEH (Bail Emphytéotique Hospitalier) Bouygues and ABM-AMRO cooperated to create a 400-room mother and child residential complex:
Design for the first on-site hospital parental accommodation complex comprising 64 studios for patients’ families, the university hospital’s students and professors, sub-contractors and any clients visiting Caen for business or leisure.


    The services provided by Accueil Partenaires for this project:

  • Defining the product, the services and the marketing policy.
  • Designing the studios and common areas.
  • Finding suppliers, managing orders and installing hotel equipment in accordance with Accor’s international standards.
  • Sales and marketing to institutional and international prospects.
  • Management of the establishment including optimizing organization in accordance with activity fluctuations in order to guarantee both quality services and cost-efficiency.

This new type of hotel residence opened in December 2009.

Logo Inseep

Accueil Partenaires has signed a public private partnership agreement with Sport Partenariat (a consortium comprising VINCI and BARCLAYS) for the management of the campus hotel facilities of the French National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance (INSEP).

The thirty-hectare campus includes top-level sports facilities and premises for training, accommodation, medical and administrative services.
The French Minister for Youth, Sports and Voluntary Associations (MJSVA) decided to undertake large-scale refurbishment and modernization of the INSEP facilities top-level athletes.

    Accueil Partenaires’s four assignments were:

  • Management of all restaurant, maintenance and green area service providers and communication with INSEP representatives.
  • Management of bookings and access, optimizing of occupancy rates and welcoming of visitors, permanent residents and external clients.
  • Maintenance of the accommodation complex’s 365 rooms.
  • Cleaning of all premises: offices, classrooms, training areas, medical premises, amphitheatre, library, etc.

Since the beginning of 2008, Accueil Partenaires has gradually taken over the management of the renovated buildings and has been responsible for running the North zone of the campus since 2010.


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