Apply to AccorJobs on your smartphone!

Here’s something really new! Find the right job or training opportunity for you on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

Today's roaming, hyper-connected 2.0 jobseekers are always on the lookout for simple ways to find new career opportunities.

That's why the AccorJobs app, created just two years ago, has developed loads of features to make browsing easier, enhancing the application experience.

First, AccorJobs allowed you to  geolocate the Group's employment offers. Starting this month, you can learn how to access your application space, apply online and track your application on your mobile phone!

New content has just been developed for the AccorJobs app. Now you can see a "students and young graduates" section, take a 13-question Accor quiz, watch a tutorial video and open up lots of tabs, including one about the Accor hiring process.
Visit on your mobile to see how much faster and easier it is!

Get a sneak peek of our new ad:

Watch the video tutorial:

The AccorJobs site in a few dates:

The recruitment app's first version, which came out in late 2012, had an interface geared towards looking for job offers.

New tools were added in 2013. Candidates could view their CVs and cover letters, track their applications online, add offers to their shopping carts, personalise their job alerts and more.

Now, in 2014, you can apply for a job with a click on your smartphone!

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