Brigitte Bardot exhibition in 4 Sofitel hotels in the United States

Sofitel presents a unique photo exhibition, BB Forever – Brigitte Bardot, La Légende, which will run throughout the year in four Sofitel Hotels in the United States: Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington and New York.
Conceived by Sofitel in collaboration with journalist and writer Henri-Jean Servat, the exhibition traces the life of the famous French actress.

The honour of inaugurating the retrospective, dedicated to the internationally renowned actress, falls on Sofitel Los Angeles, situated in the cinema capital of the world.  Rarely has any exhibition gathered so many photos of Brigitte Bardot — an exclusive collection of 30 photos presented for the first time in the United States traces the career of the French artist, who became one of the leading figures of 20th century cinema and whose international reputation will this year earn her a tribute from the famous American network, TNC, at the Chinese Theater.

Through never-before-seen snapshots, visitors can admire the different facets of the actress, who throughout her career distinguished herself through her beauty, spontaneity and carefree spirit and whose personality led her to be regarded not only as a legend and sex symbol but also as the embodiment of women's liberation.

Moreover, the actress represents elegance as well as the French culture that Sofitel holds so dear. Since its repositioning, Sofitel has strived to promote French heritage through events related to art, gastronomy, literature and music. For this show, Sofitel has published a special edition catalogue that includes all the photos with commentary and anecdotes by Henry-Jean Servat plus an editorial by Brigitte Bardot. A true collector’s edition

Brigitte Bardot
French film actress Brigitte Bardot was a feminine figure of the 1950s to 1970s, an international star as well as a muse for many artists of the period. Both baby-doll and femme fatale, she worked with the biggest film-makers in the industry, embodying lightness and sensuality through the characters she played, and quickly became a sex symbol and international film star – a French Marilyn Monroe. With 48 films in a 21-year acting career to her credit, Brigitte Bardot, also known by the initials "BB", is one of the most famous French artists in the world. She ended her acting career in 1973 to devote herself to animal rights, notably in establishing the Brigitte Bardot Foundation.

Henri-Jean Servat
A French writer and journalist living and working in Paris, he has published over 35 works on cinema, actors, and history through France's biggest publishers. Several of these works have been translated into English. He is a regular host on various television shows on France 2 and France 3. Henri-Jean Servat is also an author and the co-director of documentaries on cinema.

Photo credits:
© Jacques Héripret
© Sam Lévin - Médiathèque de l'architecture et du patrimoine, France

  • “BB Forever – Brigitte Bardot, La Légende” 
    Sofitel Los Angeles: February - March  -   Sofitel Chicago: April - May
  • Sofitel Washington: June - September  -  Sofitel New York: October - December
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