France: Adagio City Aparthotel takes TV by storm!

With 90 addresses in Europe, Adagio City Aparthotel has established itself as the leader in the aparthotel sector. In order to increase its notoriety in its primary market, France, where it operates in close to 30 cities, the brand’s teams have designed its first ever wide-scale TV sponsorship campaign, visible on screens from August 30th till November 4th.

The principle is simple: the brand teams up with a TV show and runs a 6 to 12 second ad just before the program. This recurrent device is used on several channels during prime time slots. It helps boost brand visibility significantly, develops brand image and ensures that the brand remains present in viewers’ minds.

Efficiency and modernity
In the ad, which was first aired on August 30 on BFM TV, the brand’s logo moves across the screen before transforming into a map of Europe and all its key destinations in this region. The ad ends with a colourful backdrop that incites the viewer to visit the brand’s website.  This simple device is both attention-grabbing and, like the brand it represents, modern and stylish.

Close to 1800 TV airings
In order to reach the widest possible audience, the media and programs the brand has teamed up with have also been chosen with great care by Adagio’s teams. The campaign, which is designed to appeal to both business customers and the wider public, consists of 1793 ads aired in September and November.  Adagio City Aparthotel has teamed up with shows that draw large audiences. For example, its ad runs before  “Capital” on M6, before the weather forecast and business news bulletin on BFM TV,  before “Semaine des Guignols” on Canal + and before the “Sept à Huit” news program on TF1. These programs boast particularly high notoriety and popularity ratings.

This campaign represents another stage in Adagio’s conquest strategy. Indeed, the brand plans to open no less than 40 new establishments by 2015.

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