Make your sleep a work of art thanks to the new ibis Sleep Art application!

The ibis family is innovating with its new ibis Sleep Art application, which transforms sleep into a digital artwork. The application proposes an astonishing experience and is part of the modernization of the ibis family brands, aimed at making the ibis family the "digital benchmark" in the economy hotel sector.

The ibis Sleep Art application, which can be downloaded free starting March 4 2013 and was developed in collaboration with BETC Digital, promises a unique experience. It is inspired by the Sleep Art operation that took place from October to December 2012 in seven ibis, ibis Budget and ibis Styles hotels in Europe. A new Sweet Bed™ by ibis bed specially equipped with 80 sensors analyzed the sleep of its occupants. Working in real time throughout these unique nights, a robot translated the data gathered into a work of art using an articulated arm, a brush and paint.

Ibis is keen to bring together the ideal conditions to make happy sleep an art, which is why well-being and comfort are the key components of the brands' promises. The Sleep Art project was in fact inspired by the new Sweet Bed by ibis bedding, currently being installed in all the ibis family hotels. 

How it works: a night – a work of art

Before retiring for the night, the guest launches the application and programs a wake-up call. After placing the telephone on the mattress, the user can nod off, letting the ibis Sleep Art application bring its artistic and technological senses into action and record the night's sleep! The iphone has an accelerometer that detects the sleeper's body movements and breathing patterns which are then recorded by the application. Every breathing sound corresponds to a color, a curve, an arabesque. At the chosen time, the soft Sleep Art music wakes the sleeper, who will then discover the magnificent digital artwork tracing his or her sleep – whether sweet dreams or restless nights. An artwork produced from the user's sleep that will be completely different every morning – users can compared the different digital creations and monitor trends in their sleep from one night to another.

Display your works

With its easy connection to Facebook and soon Twitter, the ibis Sleep Art application allows each user to share the digital artworks with friends and family on social networks, so that they can compare, admire or comment on the works created.

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