Novotel includes the Xbox 360 experience in its hotel rooms

Pioneering a new service that should delight both young and old alike, Novotel is currently testing its partner Microsoft’s flagship product, the Xbox 360, as in-room entertainment in six of its hotels. This unprecedented hotel experience strengthens Novotel’s ties with the software giant and aims to enrich the entertainment experience it offers both business and leisure guests.

Guest feedback is unanimous in Munich, Warsaw, London, Milan, Monaco and Geneva: this new service really differentiates the brand and enriches its already extensive up-to-date technology offering.

Following on naturally from previous innovations offered by the two brands, the in-room Xbox 360 experience aims to recreate a family environment in Novotel’s hotel rooms*, providing a cocoon that feels just like home where guests can relax, play and have fun.   Whether they are enjoying a wild video game with their children or a DVD session after a day of meetings, this concept definitely satisfies all guests, both children, parents and business people alike! 

But that’s not all; with the Xbox 360 consoles in their rooms, guests also have access to:

Ø  A DVD player that is part of the console

Ø  A selection of video games and films available at the reception and offered to the customer on arrival

Ø  Exclusive multimedia content

This first pilot phase is already deemed a success, as proved by the high satisfaction rate expressed by the clients (81%). Christine Ravanat, VP Global Marketing for Novotel, explains: “This new concept is currently being tested in six of our European hotels - Munich City, Warsaw, London Paddington, Milan Linate, Monaco and Genève Centre – each of which has an entire floor equipped with Xbox 360 consoles in the rooms.  The feedback so far is positive and we are planning to roll it out across the entire network.  With Xbox consoles in its rooms, Novotel confirms its ability to break with traditional hotel codes by creating modern, comfortable, connected spaces where guests can relax and play.  The hotel is no longer a place where guests just want to sleep.  It’s now also a place where they want to enjoy a memorable experience.”

Even if that does sometimes mean staying up all night…

Novotel and Microsoft, hand in hand

This isn’t the first time Novotel has innovated with the software giant.
Novotel and Microsoft have been partners since 2008 and have already implemented several innovations which certainly anticipated business and leisure guests’ changing multimedia habits and technology expectations.

Five years ago, the Xbox 360 console was already installed in over 300 children’s areas in Novotel hotels. As part of this initiative, some games were launched through premiers at the hotels. Likewise, in 2010, Novotel’s guests were the first to enjoy the revolutionary Kinect for Xbox 360 experience during the Novotel Kinect Tour. Given the success of this initiative, Novotel and Microsoft decided to jointly develop a piece of mobile furniture for the Xbox 360 console and Kinect. Novotel has started to install these “Kinect Experience” terminals in its meeting room relaxation areas and has become the world’s first hotel brand to offer this entertainment experience in its public areas.  Moreover, since 2011, Novotel also equipped 108 hotels with Kinect.

Between November 2011 and February 2012, Novotel and Microsoft launched a temporary concept, the “3120” room of the future at the Novotel Paris Vaugirard. All the traditional hotel room codes in this room were redesigned by Naço Architectures to provide guests with an extensive range of cutting-edge technologies within a contemporary interior.  Microsoft’s intuitive technologies were all incorporated into the room design to facilitate access to services and information. They included an Xbox 360 and its new Kinect entertainment experience, a Surface touch table, an interactive Sensorit mirror based on Kinect technology for Windows, etc.

* the pilot phase concerns around 30 hotels, especially executive rooms and family rooms on the same floor


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