Out with "Grands Vins Mercure", in with "flavours from the cellar"

When people think of Mercure, "Grands Vins Mercure" springs to mind. Thirty years after the concept was created, the brand is breathing new life into it with an offer more in line with guests' expectations: a new name, new visual identity and new positioning combining local inspiration, authenticity, curiosity, quality — and a genuine effort at staging events and promoting the concept.

The "Grands Vins Mercure" concept quickly became a major asset in the brand's strategy after it was created in 1983. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the name is being changed from "Grands Vins Mercure" to "cave & saveurs" in French-speaking countries and "flavours from the cellar" for English-speaking ones, and translated into the local language in every country where the concept has been implemented (15 so far).

The concept is being updated for its anniversary, with changes based on three main lines for a fresh offer. The first notable change: a new name, a new visual identity, new communication media and a simple, flexible new card structure. The goal: to be closer to guests' needs.

The second line involves the selection of wines. The brand still picks quality, demanding, simple, flavourful but also unexpected wines, including local ones whenever possible, capable of casting a spell on travellers.
Third and last, to boost sales the concept's renewal focuses on enhancing and promoting the offer: diversification of wine services, pairing "foods & wines", training teams and launching innovative activities based on "flavours from the cellar". Last but not least, a more visible promotion on will be developed.

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