“The world thereafter”: an original experience at Suite Novotel

18 days to go before the end of the world as predicted by the Mayas and announced by the media and on Internet… However, Suite Novotel is not one to be fatalistic! Quite the contrary, since this date actually ushers in a new era of positive transformations.  The brand is determined to innovate and have fun on this occasion and invites its customers to experience a night it has called “21.12.2012. Revival” . This operation, which breaks with traditional hospitality codes, is above all designed as a fun experience that will accompany customers into “the world thereafter”.

“21.12.2012 Revival”: Suite Novotel opens the doors to a new world
Customers at Suite Novotel’s 29 establishments worldwide will indeed be plunged into the beginnings of a cataclysmic atmosphere on the night of December 21, 2012.
At least for a short while… since very quickly, activities, gifts, inventive food and drinks will be on offer to see them into “the world thereafter”.  This special night will offer guests a light-hearted take on the most popular disaster scenarios.

The special offer, starting at €75 for two people, includes: a survival kit, an invitation to an “End of the World” cocktail party at the hotel bar, a night in a 30m2 suite, a “New World” breakfast, and many other surprises.

A viral online buzz campaign
To accompany the “21.12.2012. Revival” special offer, Suite Novotel launched an online advertising campaign on November 12 that will run until January 31, 2013.
Internet users can already join in the adventure and anticipate the predicted end of the world, by visiting the purposely created mini website on For example, they can view videos published by the brand featuring survival tips and instructions.

To intensify the viral advertising and forge a bond with its customers, Suite Novotel is also promoting the operation on its website, as well as on the social networks with animations on the Accor and Suite Novotel Facebook pages, video releases on YouTube, etc.)

The day after December 21, 2012, Suite Novotel will probably still be there, but that’s something the Mayas hadn’t predicted!

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