Accor professions guide: IT Project leader (m/f)

IT Project leader

What exactly does my mission involve?

  • Analyse the request of a customer or internal users in a company
  • Draw up the specifications and report of technical solutions
  • Implement the action plans required to complete the project (budget, schedule, breakdown of tasks…)
  • Coordinate the development teams and supervise activities through to delivery
  • Ensure that standards are adhered to and that the project runs smoothly

This profession exists…
in Accor group headquarters.

Testimonies of Franck Schedler and Erwann Le Goff, IT managers

  • Franck Schedler, Germany

  • "Our job consists of making sure that computer systems are deployed and that they operate properly and are reliable, taking into account security requirements and budget limitations. It is a job that requires being organized and having foresight in order to contribute to business development and to anticipate and prevent potential problems. If Accor has not referenced the equipment, that means it has not been approved for our specific needs. If you use it, it could be hard to install, could add costs or, worse, be difficult to repair if it malfunctions! Yet, despite our foresight, we are always dependent on the reality in the field and specific contexts. For example, in 2007, in four month’s time, we installed a new data network in all German hotels (there are about 250). The whole team performed extraordinarily well."

    • Erwan Le Goff, United Kingdom and Ireland

    "We are the interface between the IT Department and local operational management. The challenge lies in our capacity to provide solutions to meet specific operational expectations, while respecting Accor standards. It is a daily challenge explaining to colleagues how much time and money referencing saves us! This is my first management experience. My assignments may correspond to what I imagined, but I think that one is never totally prepared to lead, motivate and coordinate different people who are involved in a project. We often have to face unforeseen events. For example, we had to go to 50 different hotels in five days, to update workstations, because of a risk of contamination by a new type of computer virus. We have to constantly adapt in order to react quickly."

Management capacities           
Dependable and methodical           
Good communication skills
Good at making suggestions
Resistant to stress

Project management
Analysis of customer needs
Write support documents (specifications, instructions)
Supervise production through to delivery
Control the quality of developments
Ensure that schedules, budgets and company security rules are upheld

Drive, manage and coordinate the teams working on the project, by dispatching and supervising tasks, but also by providing technical support throughout the different phases
Advise, support and train users as required

Coordinate the teams in project mode: developers, quality control teams customers or internal teams, partners
Supervise developers

Third level training in IT
Previous experience in project management or development is essential
Technical skills required depending on the projects in question
Technical English

Project leader (m/f)
Project manager (m/f)
Expert or consultant (m/f)
International mobility (with English)

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