To protect the environment, AccorHotels is reducing its water use and recycling its waste. In addition, the Group has already planted four million trees as part of a global reforestation project supported by the United Nations.

3 commitments and quantifiable objectives for 2015

4. Reduce our water use
2015 target: 15% reduction in water use between 2011 and 2015 (owned/leased and managed hotels)
2014 results: – 5,6 % (% change between 2011 and 2014 at comparable scope of reporting)

5. Expand waste recycling
2015 target: 85% of hotels recycle their waste
2014 results: 88%

6. Protect biodiversity
2015 target: 60% of hotels participate in the Plant for the Planet reforestation project
2014 results: 46%

4. Reduce our water use

Access to water – an essential resource – varies widely from one region of the world to another. A source of political and social tension, access to water represents a major challenge.

An hotel of the group consumes approximately 15,000 cu.m of water per year. The Group’s environmental footprint showed that 86% of water consumed came from the food served in its hotels. AccorHotels is currently defining a work plan to find innovative restaurant solutions that reduce the impact of upstream farming on its water consumption.

At year-end 2014:

  • 98% of hotels monitored and analyzed their water consumption on a monthly basis ;
  • 97% of hotels had installed flow regulators on showers and faucets ;
  • 7% of hotels were equipped with rainwater recovery systems.

5. Expand waste recycling

In the past 20 years, total waste production has increased by 50% worldwide while only 10% of that waste is recycled.

Every year, AccorHotels generates 2.3 million tonnes of waste of which 70% from construction and renovation work. In 2011, the Group strengthened and further extended the waste module in its sustainable development management application. The goal is to win the support of all hotels and provide them with the means to measure their waste volumes as well as their collection and sorting costs.

At year-end 2014:
88% of hotels recycled their waste and in particular:

  • 98% of hotels sorted and recycled batteries ;
  • 96% of hotels sorted and recycled fluorescent lamps and tubes ;
  • 91% of hotels sorted and recycled paper and cardboard.

6. Protect biodiversity

Biodiversity is essential to our planet’s equilibrium. Nonetheless, plant and animals species disappear every year. 

With Plant for the Planet, AccorHotels is engaged in a unique reforestation project. The basic principle is to offer guests the option of reusing their towels, with half of the savings on laundry bills then allocated for tree planting projects.

At year-end 2014:

  • More than 4 million trees had been funded and more than 1,520 hotels were taking part in Plant for the Planet.
  • 92% of hotels used certified paper for printing ;
  • 89% of hotels used locally adapted plants ;
  • 71% used eco-friendly gardening products.

AccorHotels has forged a partnership with Pur Projet, an organization created by Tristan Lecomte dedicated to combatting climate change through reforestation and forest conservation projects carried out by local communities. Tristan Lecomte is also the founder of Alter Eco, an organization that has helped to extend the use of fair trade products.

Pur Projet support the development of Plant for the Planet by integrating it more fully into the Group’s businesses and enabling it to play an even more active local role.

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